About us

Then as today, following the tradition. That unmistakable aroma is what guarantees the ingredients it matches an exceptional quality level: even in the smallest amounts, it is what elevates them.


Travagliato-based handicraft company “Fungo e Tartufo” works in the field of food specialities: it was founded in 1977 thanks to Mario Ferrari’s visionary idea, who had become a truffle enthusiast just a few years before, during his wanderings through the countryside in the region of Emilia Romagna. The company has undergone a remarkable evolution thanks to his daughters’ passion for their job: Monica and Viviana keep their father’s secrets attentively, but at the same time they are oriented towards the future, by constantly exploring the newest dimensions of taste.

Ever since its foundation, the company has always focused uncompromisingly on three theorems: highest quality raw materials, endless care at every stage of production and an astonishing attention in following its customers in order to satisfy all their needs.


Our goal is to achieve the creation of unique and highly prestigious products thanks to the use of handicraft methods that require long and elaborate processing.

The Ferrari family personally controls and runs the products’ production cycles, using only highly efficient stainless steel equipment, that ensures the best quality standards, in compliance with all the applicable health regulations.