Recipes with truffle

Are you looking for recipes for a special event? Do you need an extraordinary dish to surprise your guests?

Chef Giuseppe Pasini (from Cascina Brugnola restaurant in Rezzato) has created these truffle based recipes of first and main courses especially for Fungo e Tartufo.

Giuseppe prepared these recipes using exclusively Italian products, in order to ensure the high quality of a cuisine that is celebrated and appreciated all over the world.


Risotto with robiola cheese and truffles

An intensely flavoured risotto with flakes of fresh truffles.

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Robiola gratin with crust

A delicious dish covered in fragrant pastry.

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Tagliolini with truffles

A classic Italian pasta dish, enriched with the unmistakable taste of truffles.

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Tortelli with ricotta and truffles

Stuffed pasta with a delicate flavour, enriched with precious truffles

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Deer carpaccio all’albese

Exquisite deer carpaccio with truffles, garnished with fried julienne vegetables, eggs and Parmesan cheese.

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Guinea Hen legs with truffles

Guinea hen legs stuffed with delicious truffle sauce.

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Truffle eggs

Eggs garnished with fresh sliced truffles, laid on a tasty cheese base.

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Anchovies timbale

Anchovies with truffles, fresh tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes and parsley.

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Flan with Parmesan cheese and truffles

Delicious flans with parmesan cheese, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and truffles.

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Pumpkin timbale and veal with truffles

Veal rolls with truffles on a sweet pumpkin pie.

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Honey frosted lamb

Lamb meat garnished with sliced truffles, perfect when served with polenta or purée.

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