Butter, salt, honey and truffle oil to flavor your dishes.

Our seasonings should always be used “a crudo” (without cooking), or very slightly cooked in order to preserve their aroma.
Flavoured olive oil is used to enhance salads, meat dishes, sauces and bruschetta.
You can also stir truffle butter into your risotto at the end of the cooking process.

A tasty touch to your dishes

Olio ai funghi porcini

Porcini oil

250 ml
Olio al peperoncino

Chilli oil

250 ml
Olio al peperoncino e aglio

Chilli and garlic oil

250 ml
Olio al rosmarino

Rosemary oil

250 ml
Olio alla rucola

Arugula oil

250 ml
Olio al basilico

Basil oil

250 ml

Oregano oil

250 ml
Olio al limone

Lemon oil

250 ml

Oil in can

5 lt

How to use
our condiments

Flavored oils are used to flavor salads, meats, sauces and bruschetta: it is preferable not to cook them, to keep their flavor unaltered, then adding them raw in the last phase of each recipe.

For example, try preparing a salad with lettuce, tomato, boiled eggs and shrimp, then finishing it with salt, pepper, vinegar and lemon, sage oil or another of our flavored oils. Chilli and garlic oil goes beautifully with spaghetti, which must first be seasoned with oil and (to taste) a sprinkling of cheese, then “reinforced” with a few drops of pepper and garlic oil.

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