Our motto is "simplicity".

To cook our products you do not need too elaborate recipes, nor redundant sophistication: a “gem” as precious as truffles, in fact, manages to enhance every preparation, from the most basic to the most refined, giving a sprint to each dish exclusively thanks to the fan. of sensations that its fragrance manages to evoke.

100% handcrafted

It is preferable to use creams, sauces and condiments from the “Fungo e Tartufo” line in small quantities, gradually adding them until the desired gustatory balance is achieved.
Our products are also perfect for reinforcing the flavors of classic recipes with a touch of originality: the effect is that of a gastronomic anti-monotony elixir, capable of transporting the palate to new adventures in the galaxy of flavor.

Summer truffle

Tuber Æstivum Vitt

White truffle

The most prized truffle

Bianchetto truffle

Marzuolo truffle

Black prized truffle

Norcia and Spoleto truffle

Hooked truffle

Winter truffle

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