Truffle cream

To enrich pasta, rice or meat.

Each of our truffle cream sauces has its own character, provided by the type of truffle it is prepared with; however, the way you use them in cooking is pretty much the same: since long heating tends to drive some aromatic compounds of the truffles, it is better to add the cream little by little at the end of the cooking process, in order to obtain the aromatic nuance that you prefer (which can be more or less intense). Our creams are perfect to enrich pasta, rice, meat, savoury fillings.. also, we suggest to try them over unusual and rewarding canapés that will turn into a pleasant surprise for your guests.

truffle to spread

White truffle cream

40 g
Crema di tartufo nero estivo

Black truffle cream

50 g
Crema di tartufo bianchetto

Bianchetto truffle cream

25 g

How to enrich your dishes

The rice is cooked as usual and at the end of cooking add a teaspoon of cream, stirring vigorously in order to release all the aromas of the truffle.

The cream is excellent on carpaccio, bresaola and boiled. For an extra twist, try to prepare a sauce based on extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, parsley, anchovy paste and a teaspoon of cream: just mix all the ingredients and add them on the meat to trigger a burst of flavors that will leave their mark on your tables.

To season the pasta just use butter or cream (at the discretion of the cheese is not bad …), enriched with a spoonful of cream: after a quick stir, pour the mixture on the pasta drained al dente and still steaming. Your first course will never be the same again.

In this case, just dilute a small amount of cream with mayonnaise or spreadable cheese and lay a veil of this delicious sauce on some bread or, alternatively, also Apulian bread, for a more rustic flavor … Time for a well-balanced bite and those boring 80s canapés will seem like just a bad memory.

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