Pasta, rice and polenta

Simple plain pasta will become a delicious dish thanks to truffles and porcino mushrooms, seasoned with oil or butter and cheese to taste, or alternatively by adding some cream or ricotta cheese for a further enriched flavour. Coloured pasta (with vegetables) is very versatile and can be perfectly used with different types of sauces, especially the rustic ones.


Riso con scaglie di tartufo

Rice with truffle

400 g
Farina per polenta con tartufo

Polenta with truffle

400 g

Truffle linguine

250 g
Spaghetti artigianali al nero di seppia

Squid ink spaghetti

500 g

Squid ink tagliatelle

500 g
Tagliolini artigianali al nero di seppia

Squid ink tagliolini

500 g
Pasta artigianale tricolore

Three color lilies

500 g
Preparation for