Summer, black or white.

Fresh and preserved truffles

Tartufo bianco

White truffle

Tuber Magnatum
Tartufo bianchetto

Bianchetto truffle

Tuber Borchii Vitt.
Tartufo Nero

Black truffle

Tuber Melanosporum
Tartufo estivo fresco

Summer truffle (Scorzone)

Tuber Aestivum Vitt.

Hooked truffle

Tuber Uncinatum

Frozen truffle

Truffle (at your choice) vacuum-packed frozen
500 g
Tartufo macinato

Ground truffle

Frozen ground summer truffle
1000 g

Truffle carpaccio in can

Sliced summer truffle
350 g

Truffle Carpaccio

Summer Truffle cut into slices
280 g - 180 g - 80 g - 30 g

Brine truffle

Summer truffle in brine
200 g - 50 g - 30 g
Formaggio Moliterno con Tartufo

Pecorino with Truffle

Moliterno Pecorino cheese
with summer truffle flakes (sliced)


Affetta tartufo inox

Truffle slicer

Elegant truffle slicer in stainless steel

Wooden truffle slicer

Wooden truffle slicer
with stainless steel blade

Our fresh truffle

We are always looking for high quality fresh truffles, to be used in the preparation of our gastronomic specialties.
We therefore have the possibility to offer our customers also fresh truffles, available in different quantities and qualities, according to the season.

The truffles we work come from the typical Italian truffle areas, mainly Umbria, Tuscany and Langhe.

Thanks to the precious work of the truffle hunters, we bring to the tables of the five continents an excellence of our gastronomic culture, famous and recognized all over the world.

Buy online truffles, sauces, creams and many other artisanal products based on mushrooms and truffles.

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The price of the truffle (white, black or summer) is subject to continuous variations. This mainly depends on the season and, therefore, on the availability or not of the truffle on the market.

To find out how much the fresh Fungo & Tartufo truffle costs today, fill out the form on this page and we will contact you for a dedicated quotation.

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