Black truffle

Truffle of Norcia and Spoleto

Tuber Melanosporum Vitt in Italy it is commonly called prized black truffle or black truffle of Norcia and Spoleto.

Tartufo Nero

Characteristics of the Black Truffle (or Norcia and Spoleto truffle)

Generally they range between that of a walnut to that of an orange.

Roundish or irregular if it developed in rocky terrain.

Brown, almost black ebony, with rust-colored spots with warts more or less prominent.

In the period of its formation is an imperceptible point in white, then turns gray-brownish and during maturation violet black matte.

Aromatic, delicate pleasant.

Exquisite, is not altered by cooking.

From mid-Novembe/December to February/March.

Calcareous-gravelly, permeable develops to a depth of 5-10 and 25-30 cm.

Preferably facing south and west under isolated trees or in sparse forests to allow the lighting, ventilation and heating from the sun.

Oak and hazel.

Growth zone
Italy, especially in Umbria, Marche, Abruzzo and Piedmont.
France, in the Périgord, where it is well known and is great space in the kitchen; in Italy it is less used.

How much does the black truffle cost?

The cost of the black truffle (or Norcia and Spoleto truffle) varies according to the seasonal availability of the product.

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