Since 1977
Truffle gourmet

Since 1977
we have dedicated every day
to the processing of truffles.

Over forty years of experience allow us to select the best truffles from the typical Italian territories, transforming them into gastronomic specialties that embellish dishes and recipes all over the world.

Buy online truffles, sauces, creams and many other artisanal products based on mushrooms and truffles.

Summer truffle

Tuber Æstivum Vitt

White truffle

The most prized truffle

Bianchetto truffle

Marzuolo truffle

Black truffle

Truffle of Norcia and Spoleto

Hooked truffle

Winter truffle

Italian gastronomic excellences in the world

Fungo e Tartufo participates in fairs and events in Italy and abroad, contributing to the spread of good Made in Italy food all over the world.

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For over 40 years
in restaurants all over the world

the journey of the truffle
from the ground
to the table

Where do our truffles come from
and how to use them in your kitchen.

The truffle
in your kitchen

Simple tips to turn your every dish into a masterpiece.

from our Chefs

Make your guests feel amazed by these truffle recipes. Directly from our Chefs.

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